At the top, you will find journal papers and MSc. thesis from Erasmus MC, EUR and TU Delft. Below you will find other relevant papers and thesis from other Dutch academic institutions.

Journal Papers (Erasmus MC – TU Delft – EUR)

Hunfeld, N., Jan-Carel, D., Zee, S. v. d., & Raaij, E. v. (2023). The Green Intensive Care: From Environmental Hotspot to Action. ICU Management & Practice, 32(3). 

Hunfeld, N., Diehl, J. C., Timmermann, M., van Exter, P., Bouwens, J., Browne-Wilkinson, S., de Planque, N., & Gommers, D. (2022). Circular material flow in the intensive care unit—environmental effects and identification of hotspots. Intensive Care Medicine.

Hinrichs-Krapels, S., Diehl, J.-C., Hunfeld, N., & van Raaij, E. (2022). Towards sustainability for medical devices and consumables: The radical and incremental challenges in the technology ecosystem. Journal of Health Services Research & Policy.

Yusuf, E., Luijendijk, A., Roo-Brand, G., & Friedrich, A. W. (2022). The unintended contribution of clinical microbiology laboratories to climate change and mitigation strategies: a combination of descriptive study, short survey, literature review and opinion. Clinical Microbiology and Infection.

Kane, G. M., Bakker, C. A., & Balkenende, A. R. (2018). Towards design strategies for circular medical products. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 135, 38-47.

Guzzo, D., Carvalho, M. M., Balkenende, R., & Mascarenhas, J. (2020). Circular business models in the medical device industry: paths towards sustainable healthcare. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 160, 104904.